our story

from the makers of the soirée wine decanter, soireehome is an expanded collection of innovative housewares and barware that are designed to make entertaining more fun. soireehome is dedicated to producing clever and fun housewares that are developed with sincerity to deliver a heightened appreciation for food and beverage.

we’re out to teach the growing foodie community about making, serving and enjoying fine beverage. driven a passion for the science and legacy that define contemporary culture and hosting traditions, we create functional re-imaginations of housewares. we are designing with best gourmet palettes for an authentic epicurean experience and are committed to creating tools that are developed with sincerity.

soireehome team

andrew lazorchak
designer / managing director
with a passion for design and an appreciation for food and beverage, andrew began his foray into the wine world when a friend commissioned him to design and build a wine bar in his home. after many nights of good wine and good conversation, they gathered their investments and designing the soiree wine decanter.

for andrew, soireehome provides a return to his design roots, an opportunity to create products that make entertaining more fun and showcase the joy of living a food and beverage oriented lifestyle.