Soiree Party Pack Wine Aerator

soiree party pack


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Everyone Loves A Party – Especially Soiree . Buy a bunch and have your own Soiree . Use the 5 as gifts or at a group wine tasting. They are always a hit and the talk of the table.

Soiree is the ultimate wine aerator, and is available in our party pack so you have a extras to share with your friends or for your vacation homes and yachts.

Soiree is the only wine aerator that fits into the bottle and aerates instantly as you pour.  And what is more, Soiree is the only wine aerator made from glass, which makes it superior to all other aerators which are made from plastic.  It is easy to use, easy to clean, and makes wine tastes better!

And it is the perfect host(ess) gift that all wine drinkers can appreciate.

Soiree is:

  • Made of Boro-silicate glass (aka Pyrex) watch out for cheap imitators.
  • Prevents dripping.
  • Aerates your wine as you serve it. NO waiting!
  • The Soiree allows you to decant just the portion of wine you want – a glass or a carafe.
  • Controllable aeration (not a 1-speed wine aerator) vary the pouring angle for more or less aeration


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