Press Quotes

"Features at the 2012 interntional housewares show"


"...Fits on any botle... oxygenates wine as your pour...heightening its flavor"


"Identifies soiree as a great Up-sale for Wineries."


"...a globular glass aerator that lets your wine breathe while you're pouring."

Chicago Cribune

"The Wellesley Wine Press magazine's named "wine accessory guru" robert dwyer says soiree out preforms vinturi."

The Wellesley Wine Press

“...tilt chilling sphere, a metal surprisingly caught up with ice — beating it, actually — after 5 minutes in the glass”


“If rocks don’t get you off, the tilt stainless steel ball might.”


“If he loves to tell guests the difference between a Merlot and Cabernet, add this all-in-one bottle chiller, filter, pourer, and stopper to his collection of bar tools.”


“an in-the bottle wine aerator that eliminates the need for decanting.”


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This was an unexpected Vineyard Vlog outing.  I popped in on Steve & Pam at the very end of the day.  After spending quite some time with them in their home we ventured down to their wine making facility.  The …

Witness Tree was another one of those places I was recommended to go to, and boy am I glad I did. There is nothing better than cruising up to a vineyard and sitting and drinking wine with the proprietors on …

ArborBrook Vineyards is a nice down to earth tasting room. Their wines are very good and they bring in barrel samples for larger events. They are quite active in their local community, which has block parties and other fun collaborative …

Off-Road Vineyard Tour! Yes –  this is Napa Valley, and in the 1960′s Willies Jeep we have the 2 stars of the Food + Wine’s article – Affordable & Hidden Napa Valley.  Trent Ghiringhelli & Drew Dickson are the people …