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soiréehome officially launched in 2008 with its namesake wine aerator, Soirée.  now an expanded collection of innovative housewares and bar-wares, soireehome designs gourmet, fun and educational products. influenced by a host of factors, all of soireehome’s designs are developed with sincerity to deliver a heightened appreciation for dining and imbibing – with an emphasis on accessorizing adding to any great party! Andrew founded the company in New Jersey with family and friends. soireehome has been headquartered in Napa Valley since 2009.

soireehome team

Andrew Lazorchak

designer /owner / founder

Andrew, a former architect and branding designer, is a fantastic intersection of many great interests.  a hobbyist brewer, intermediate sommelier, curious gastro-geek, designer, art enthusiast,  electronic music dj and the owner and co-founder of Soireehome. Lazorchak’s dynamic range of interests, influences and abilities are instilled in soireehome designs – which blend modern design with traditional gourmet standards.  his in-depth exposure to the wine, gourmet, hospitality and housewares industries are evident in his well-respected and young career.   please stay tuned for more fun products and to find out what is simmering at soireehome.



Adele boonstra

office manager

a revered bartender from a former life, Adele is an integral part of operations at soireehome.  she is also active in local pet shelters and a proud grandma, we are very glad to have her awesome support.

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