2010 Vintage – A Really Good Winery

Happy Spring!

Our many thanks to our loyal fans and subscribers.  Please spread the word as grape season is in bloom, and Vineyard Vlog is excited to get back in the trenches.

That being said we have a soft pitch as we are looking for the right vineyard to partner up with for 2010, that will join in on our wine country videos.  However, after our first season we realized we want more continuity.   That said, Vineyard vlog, would like to delve in to “the ins and outs” of a partner winery and more so the vineyard.    To do this, we need a partner (no, we don’t have a vineyard yet).  We are looking for a good partner: one that makes good juice, cherishes their audience, is brand-strong, and places great value in the vines.   More so, a partner that has been wishing it’s hard work in the vineyard had a voice and because you feel guilty always telling people about your vines.

The Pitch:

Imagine not working and living in wine country, you probably were not born here so this should be easy :).

There you are, sitting in your work cubicle in some City and thinking of the great Spring weather arriving?  You are the person that loves wine and loves to know more about it.  You have bought wine for decades, and are the person that “knows” about wine in your inner-circle of friends.   However, you are that person that never went to wine country, but always say you will.

At your cubicle, 30-storeys in the air thousands of miles from wine country;  wine country comes to your inbox!  Unbeknown to you, you get to watch your new favorite winery and wine maker and vineyard manager tell YOU all about the wine you love.  There you are guilty of watching a youtube video at work.  But it becomes a voyeuristic portal to your NEW favorite winery’s development of the vintage.  It is the lunchtime escape you needed and it is so convenient, you get to pick any 2-3 minutes of your day to check “The Vineyard Update” of the week.  You are now primed to be the local authority on Napa Valley.   You can literally know the dirt of Napa.  You get to watch this seasons wine being grown, week over week.  Naturally, not only does this provide a general education – this provides a brand relationship that is above any you would have had to date.    You get to “know” the winery, the wine maker, the vineyard manager, and that is a priceless connection.

What do you think?

Are we crazy?    Well, if you think this is a great idea and an opportunity, please spread the word to your favorite Wineries/Vineyards, that Vineyard Vlog is looking for a partner for the season.  Vineyard Vlog would like to offer our services as a “Vineyard Correspondent” to a quality wine producing house that emphasizes viticulture and has vineyard techniques that they’d like to expose and share with their and our audience.

Vineyard Vlog Media, is a close friend of the wine trade and sees this partnership as an “open for negotiation” opportunity.  This effort would be very social media driven to amass as broad of an audience as possible.  This is not fancy film crews, this is real people sharing real passion and information.  And yes it is about social media, as if there is no audience, then there is no point.

Our goal is to create concise, compelling, video and photo documentation of everything behind the grape that people want to watch.  We think vineyard managers should be on film and break down they why’s and hows.  Wine makers should be involved as they too should have a thought on pruning, watering, green harvests etc.    We would like to start from pruning / bud-break (now) through crush..


We are based in Calistoga CA, and prefer to work with a partner that is located in Napa Valley.  We think a bi-monthly video would be the basic premise, but this can be expanded accordingly.   If you have interest or someone you know has interest, please contact us at andrew(at)vineyardvlog(dot)com.  We’d like to know your ideas, thoughts, interest, and what makes your winery interesting and a good partner for Vineyard Vlog.

Vineyard Vlog is a full-disclosure entity and always abides by FTC Regulations.  This will not be an endorsement – strictly a channel to communicate what happens in the vineyard as an educational tool.

Thanks for reading and sharing.

(PS:  We call it a vlog as we prefer to let video be the medium for communication – I am far from a “writer”)

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