Marshal’s Vineyard Tasting Room Over View
July 12 , 2009

I can not say how excited I am to post these videos. We Spent 2 hours at Marshal’s Vineyard.  As a result there are 3 videos we have made. This video is a quick overview of going to the tasting …

Tasting Wine In Prosser – A quick overview
July 11 , 2009

These are 3 clips stitched together.  This illustrates that there is a central cluster of tasting rooms that is still being developed right off the highway in Prosser.  There are a bounty of tasting rooms though, dashed throughout the area.  …

Pontin Del Roza
July 11 , 2009

Pontin Del Roza is under construction in this video, but if they keep working in a similar fashion, it should be a superb tasting room inside and out.  We got to try 4 wines and got a good briefing of …

Olsen Estates, Yakima Valley / Red Mtn.  Prosser WA
July 11 , 2009

Olsen Estates has a lovely tasting room and a great program for their wines.  We got to do a great tasting their and even got to try some of the wines for club members only.  They specialize in Syrah, but …

Argyle – Willamette Valley
July 11 , 2009

Who does not love a surprise?  I had always seen Argyle wines & sparkling wines, but the tasting we did just grabbed me.  Argyle is right on the main drag tucked behind a nice garden.  Unfortunately, our video-tasting had to …

The Pines 1852
July 11 , 2009

The Pines 1852 has a nice tasting room and gallery.  It is located at the top of the main street in Hood River OR.  They make an array of wines and their tasting room is very accommodating.  You can see …

Downtown Hood River, OR
July 11 , 2009

This is just an out-take from cruising down main street.

Elk Cove – Willamette Valley
July 11 , 2009

Elk Cove is a beautiful estate and is surrounded by their vineyards.  They have been around a long time and their wines speak to that.  Their facility is very nice and they even host weddings and such.  Due to an …

Archery Summit – Willamette
July 11 , 2009

Archery Summit is atop a hill like many of the Willamette Valley vineyards, and it has spectacular views.  The tasting room is nice and they are very good about doing tours of the cave and had 4 pinots to taste …

ArborBrook Vineyards – Willamette Valley
July 11 , 2009

ArborBrook Vineyards is a nice down to earth tasting room.  Their wines are very good and they bring in barrel samples for larger events.  They are quite active in their local community, which has block parties and other fun collaborative …