Booker Vineyards, Paso Robles, Central Coast

I was told by 2 people to go to Booker Vineyards.  I recalled hearing about them somewhere else as well…So I figured we should all go, and I am very glad I did.  Aside from a beautiful location, nicely designed tasting room – their wines are great.  They have been open for just a few years and have been getting 90+ reviews by Parker.  They are all estate grown and are Rhone varietal oriented.  I really enjoyed the tasting they gave me, and if you like Rhone / Chateneuf du Pape style reds, Paso is your area to visit and Booker should be on the list.  (and take note of the great photography in the tasting room)

Check out the video (and yes this is raw footage, as it was the 2nd tasting room I ever video vlog’d, and Orion’s first ever vlog as well )

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