Carina Cellars – Los Olivos (Tensley Wines)

Carina Cellars has been a great acquaintance and what a pleasure it is to go visit them in Los Olivos.  If you are not familiar with the Movie Sideways, that is fine, but go to  Los Olivos and get down with the wines and the beautiful surroundings.

Carina Cellars is also in Paso Robles (wine making facility is there) and they have a nice range of wines.  Also you will note in this video – Tensley Wines shares the same tasting room.  I was not totally up to speed with Tensley Wines – and both of us should be they are making waves and doing great things with wines – including blending French Wine with their American wine- first time I have seen a smaller production hosue do this.

Anyway – get up on it, 2 tasting rooms in 1 with great wines and no shortage of humor or heckling – I can’t wait to go back!

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