Failla Wines – Napa Valley

We really enjoyed our time at Failla and know you will too.  I can say this confidently, as who can argue tasting fine wines in what feels to be a vacation lodge tucked away in the Northern part of Napa Valley?

At our tasting (I apologize this video is a very quick overview), I got to learn a lot of great things about Failla and Ehrin Jordan who is their wine maker.  Ehrin Jordan has many bragging rights in the wine world and now creating Failla with his wife – they are proving to be a winery to watch.   But the best way to understand what Failla is all about is to join them at the lodge and let the wines speak for themselves.  They do tastings by appointment only, but are very accommodating.  I apologize for not capturing any exterior parts of the grounds or the caves, but hope to re-visit Failla soon and bring you all along with me on a mini-tour of Failla.


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