Harvest Live – Napa Valley 2011

Harvest Live!

Now in it’s 4th year Harvest Live has grown to even more exciting heights!

What is Harvest Live?  It is this wacky idea, from Christophe Smith, of getting lots of tech gear and beaming WiFi into the vineyards in Napa Valley.  You then take a few guys, some mics, and a video camera and stream live video on the internet.  In turn, oenophiles around the world can watch Napa Valley’s harvest – live!

Harvest – Mr & Mrs @DrXeno

“This is a chance for wine lovers to connect with the Napa Valley beyond what they have tasted in the bottle and have a behind the scenes look into the 2011 vintage. We look forward to a great exchange between wine enthusiasts and those of us in the winemaking business during this most exciting and important time of year.”   – Christophe Smith of Titus Vineyards

I am very excited by this idea, as I learned wine in Manhattan and I was starved for knowledge of what happens in the vineyards and to see exactly what it is that I had studied.  This year is a very special year for Harvest Live, as formerly it only streamed from Titus Vineyards in St Helena, covering 1 week of their harvest.  However, this year it is moving through 5 different AVA’s inNapa Valley, on 5 days.  They will travel from cult winery Staglin Vineyards to world famous Robert Mondavi Winery.   Harvest Live is bringing Napa Valley harvest 2011 to computers all across the world, and will allow for people to directly dial in via internet and ask questions in real time – exciting to say the least.

Once the project is live on 10/17/11 please feel free to tune-in here or directly on ustream or Mondavi’s website or even Napa Valley Vintners.  It’s gonna be a heck of a time, especially as this vintage is going to one of those greatly debated ones, and you can at least say you witnessed a piece of it.

The winery participants by day are as follows:

Monday, October 17: Robert Mondavi Winery with Keith Horn, director of vineyards and Genevieve Janssens, director of winemaking

Tuesday, October 18: Staglin Family Vineyards with Garen Staglin, owner, along with Fredrik Johansson, winemaker and Chris Platt, assistant winemaker

Wednesday, October 19: William Hill Estate Winery with Raif Holdenried, winemaker

Thursday, October20: Round Pond Estate with Chris Pedemonte, vineyard manager and Brian Brown, winemaker

Friday, October 21: Titus Vineyards with brothers Eric and Phillip Titus

Saturday, October 22: Chappellet Vineyard & Winery with Phillip Titus, winemaker

Live Stream Here!!!!

Live streaming by Ustream


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