#WBC10 – Top Gun Blogging Panel

It’s half-time at the #WBC10.

Pre-Conference Lunch and Tour of DuBrul Vyd Yakima

We have seen it all and are leaving a mark on Walla Walla. I know everyone has been really enjoying the time, people, conversation, and the wines. The lead-off on Friday was great! Steve Heimoff gave a very warm intro and summed up much of how we are all on a journey. Steve defined his journey and even threw cred back at the bloggers for chiseling down the walls of traditional media and our challenging of the conventions with in print media, specifically insisting upon transparency.

I really enjoyed that we had an “advanced blogging” session, which was a step in the right direction. I recommend you download that presentation as it had some great AUTOMATION tools in it. And if there was one thing I wanted to take away from that panel, it was the automation tools we can all use to make us more effective as communicators. And what’s more, is that I knowour panel Top Gun Blogging will really hit home with advanced bloggers. We are all hungry to discuss the theory and practice of blogging.

Over the course of 5 hours I realized that I lead an enchanted life (with respect to the wine blogosphere). I am 100% embedded in wine country, and to many people’s dismay. Napa is “The Wine Country” and it is the epicenter for American wine business. Living and working (the same thing for me) in Napa allows me to live my identity as “leader” in what is a growing and undefined area of social media and blogging. I don’t consider myself a blogger, although I do blog and think it has great content. I am a person who is always looking to expand the envelope and have been lucky to be surrounded by strong thought-leaders in the wine and sociel media realm and to be immersed in a warm business climate – The Wine Industry. All of these factors and the timing of social media and my business objectives have made me an outlier in my small world, but my passion and dedication will resound, that much I can promise.

Here is my presentation for WBC Top Gun Blogging.

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