Wine Bloggers Conference – 2009 St Supery – Blogroll Bus 6

Day 2 WBC 09 – thoughts and first video.(To be continued)

Ask A Blogger~

Saturday was awesome if you were a blogger and at the WBC!

Overall WBC09 was a smashing success.  The morning started off with an enthralling lecture at the CIA- Greystone. The first lecture was great, and my take on the lecture is this:

The internet has long been called the tabula rasa of information. We now have created so much info that anyone’s fetish or sub-culture has its own site, and the macro has become micrco and we are heading into the era of nano-blogs.  If we are all lucky this dis-banded array of blogs, websites, and information portals will one day be connected and we will realize web communities.  Web communities are forming (or longing to) – yet no clear program, tool, or site has yet to become the fabric that unites these disparate entities.  Just imagine a web-o-sphere that is YOU-centric and all of your interests, news feeds, friends, and things unknown were seemlessly stitched together – well that is the next frontier (hopefully) the new web exists not as moments in space but as a tapestry of digital existence.  (Now back to the wine)

Grape crusher meet tech geek: and vice versa

Another topic that I am pushing and it hit me square in the face on Saturday Morning – is the willingness for wineries and bloggers to reach across the aisle and see that we are cut from the same cloth. We are all wine-lovers, passionate, and all eager enough to make time to attend and meet with everyone else at the WBC. At the WBC it was great to see this interaction between the 2 sides (blogger & Winery), not that it was on a zoological level – but I witnessed the occasional awkwardness (like a child feeding a goat for the first time) and I got honest feedback of slight intimidation from both sides of the bottle.

Wineries are still wondering: How powerful are blogs?  What is the deal with twitter? What am I really missing out on if I am not part of the facebook fanpage revolution, are we gonna miss the boat? And most importantly – who has the time do all of this twittering, fan pages, and blogging and emailing etc. What is my ROI on feeding a bus of bloggers, donating a case of wine to the dinner, or sending our samples for review?

Bloggers: are Just happy to learn and disseminate- they are mavens whether they admit it or not.  Bloggers are very appreciative of the wineries, and there is nothing better for us than putting a name with a face – or better yet a BRAND WITH A HUMAN. The only problem for bloggers, is that there are only 7 nights in a week, and they can only review so many bottles. And to all the cynics, yes it is hard work reviewing wines – especially if you want to remain credible.

The divide – both parties are busy, both parties love wine, and both can assist each other.  My best recommendation to the wineries and bloggers is to make sure your hand is out in the aisle – if not your whole body. Bloggers need to be easy to contact. And Wineries need to take a moment when they get an email or have a blogger put a biz card on their tasting room bar. As we can see clearly, there are wineries that are in the aisle and there are bloggers as well, these people are doing the social media tango ( I saw today, Dirty South Wine / Murphy Goode were on the jumbotron in Times Square.)

So where is this wild space ship of social media loaded with twitterific flares and bright kite enabled nano-blogs synchronized to their tweetdeck powered by 3G going and in 12-Seconds?  Great Question! You better check Tweespeed and pray for viral media infections, catching up will not be impossible – But – the best way to do it…is to do it! (Amelia Earhart)

And if you are not sure where to start, ask a blogger, remember they are media mavens that love to disseminate information.

So please join us on our Space Ship AKA Bus #6 –this video is a quick overview of our “box lunch” at St Supery and a 80% Blogroll of our bus-mates.  (in actuality St Supery served a 3 course meal paired with 3 wines – not exactly a “box lunch” by any standard and that was A-OK by us : )

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