Chronic Cellars – Paso Robles

Jake & Josh Beckett are 2 brothers that know wine and know the business.  Having been entrenched in their family business with great success, you will see this momentum can not be stopped and Chonic Cellars is the next gen.

Having known Jake since 2007 we seem to always bump into each other at various wine events.  In this, we have become acquaintances and comrades in the wine trade – I am very excited for Jake & Josh and hope you enjoy this video.  There is an interview at the end which hammers home -what Chronic Cellars is all about, and with a quick taste you know that one of their principles is good wine!
Thanks to the”Sofa King Cool Brothers  – Jake & Josh.  When you want a different tasting & tasting room experience – Check out Chronic.

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2 Responses to Chronic Cellars – Paso Robles

  1. KMy name is Ronnie Baldwin looking for any kind or work in the winery or vineyards. I am a hard worker and i learn very fast. Give me acall at 8055400417 when ever you get a chance

    • Andrew says:

      I can’t help much with getting you some Vyd work. I’d recommend contacting some vyd mangament companies, I am sure they’ll need help for 2010 harvest.