How Wine Is Bottled. @ Montinore Estate

This is a great video to see how wine bottles go from boxes, to sterilization, to blow tests, to filling, to gas, to cork, to foil cap, labeled, and then re-boxed.

This made me think of  Leverne & Shirley.   This is a great video to watch as this is a crucial step in making sure your bottle of wine tastes the best it can when you open it. I also want to note that this process will vary from producer to producer. The enclosures may not always be cork. And actually, very few places have their own facility to bottle.  It is actually more common for a winery to schedule a bottling truck to show up for a day and bottle for the winery.  Also note, the gas to inoculate or seal the wine varies with every producer, SO2 is common, and velcorin is a different yet dangerous gas that some producers opt to use. (and there are a few people that ride the lightning and do not use any gas to preserve the wine)

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