Round Pond – a special visit – Bud Break

I, Andrew Lazorchak, had posted about wanting to team up with a Really Good Winery in late March 2010.  Vineyard Vlog quickly had some interested parties and after shaking out a few options, we decided to spend time with Round Pond Vineyards.  And here is why and where we are at:

Round Pond is in Rutherford, Napa, California.  They boast many great things and some notables are: 320acres under vine, a sensory garden, a regular garden,  olive orchard, an olive oil mill, and of course a winery;  the only thing missing is a roller coaster and safari drive-thru.  For being so massive and dead-center in the valley, I was amazed that I never noticed them until late.   How did I notice them???  Well, I noticed them after trying their wine at the #CaliCab tasting.  (sorry for the classic “that bottle changed my…” quote).   However,  in reality, it was not until 5 hours after the tasting (yes I got to take the bottle home) that I smelled a tantalizing reductive aroma(Thiols) emanating from the wine.  This aroma is a signature of Philippe Melka, which I came to love after doing a tasting of all of Philippe’s wines with Philippe & Gary’s Wines in Feb 2010.   After inquiring the next day with Round Pond via twitter, surely enough, I learned that Brian Brown, the Wine maker for Round Pond, had apprenticed Philippe Melka at Vineyard 29, it all came full-circle.

Never the less, the wines coming from Round Pond are all of great quality and that quality is present in every facet of what they do, and you will experience that if you visit them.    So we at Vineyard Vlog looked around and could only agree that this is a Really Good Winery (Vineyard really), and we’d be happy to investigate a relationship with them.    We have been sitting on this video for sometime, but we felt that it was time to show that Seth’s video editing skills have only gotten better over the winter break – and here is a rendition of a what is great footage for vineyard vlog, and Round Pond.

Enjoy and let us know your thoughts.

Photo & Video editing credits go to Seth D Johnson – VineyardVlogMedia DigitalAssociate

We thank Round Pond for their assistance, cooperation, and hospitality.    And in full FTC compliance, this is not endorsement for Round Pond or any of it’s beneficiaries, however for the time and efforts we spent, we were given wine and a lunch at the olive oil mill.

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