VineyardVlog + Wine Bloggers Conference 2010

I am SUPER excited to announce that VineyardVlog’s own, Andrew Lazorchak, will be a panelist at the Wine Bloggers Conference 2010 in Walla Walla Washington.

In the trenches

We are still 11 months young, but our enthusiasm, engagement, and larger commitment to the wine trade has been noticed, and we are honored.  Truly, we could not have asked for any greater of an acknowledgment than to be chosen to sit on a panel for our fellow wine bloggers and wine industry marketing professionals.   Here is the topic we are discussing which I welcome comments and ideas from you below:

Top Gun Blogging: A panel about you, the leader of your digital community, taking it further.  A discourse on making your personal identity resonate, and how to establish a brand as a culmination of your behavior, thoughts and actions. A field blend panel attempts to tackle the many ways to intensify and add poignancy to your blog and your digital presence. Conversion, growth, and click-thru is a function of content + perspective + vision. What are you doing now, what can you be doing, and what should you be aiming for to pioneer your community through words and digital manifestations based on the real world around you? Panelists include Andrew Lazorchak of Vineyard Vlog, Ben Simmons of Vinotology and Joe Herrig of Suburban Wino.

Here is a link to the Wine Blogers Conference schedule.  If you can not attend the conference just follow this hashtag #WBC10 on twitter and you will be updated with all the noteworthy news and all the blogger chatter.

I am flattered, honored, and excited and thank everyone (and that is a lot of you) who inspired, taught, shared, and lead by example.  We are all pioneers on an exciting frontier – and in support of Malcolm Gladwell’s outlier theory – VineyardVlog, Soiree, and I (andrew lazorchak) could not have entered the wine social media and marketing realm at a more critical time.

Cheers to all of you!

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