Top Gun Blogging Notes #1 – WBC10 Break Out Session

Finding Your Inner Maverick

In following up from my last post about the Wine Bloggers Conference Break Out Sessions.  I am making my notes and presentation an active blog that I will keep updating until it becomes my presentation for the WBC10, in 9 days.

As you may recall,  I was asked to be a panelist for a discussion about Top-Gun Blogging, something I am very passionate about and am still star-struck I am that I am on a panel for the WBC10.   I am not, by any stretch of the definition,  a Top Gun Blogger.  However, I am deep in the trenches of the wine world and am a self-proclaimed proactive social medialite.  Yes, a social medialite,  one of the lucky people that makes the real-world and the virtual their everyday “dog fight”.   Now, a dog fight is really the wrong expression to use, but it goes real well with Maverick & Goose, and heck, even goes well with a little Iron Eagle, another solid 80’s movie about passion and kicking ass.

Now – hopefully you got to about 1:00 of the video above.  Chappy really hits the core of why I started to write about this topic back on Hardy Wallace’s blog back in April, P A S S I O N and that we need thought leaders at the WBC not another how to use facebook or twitter seminar.

I’d also like to qualify how we came up with such a pretentious title for our blog.  The main character in Top Gun was Maverick, and what a fitting name.  When we started to discuss what our panel for WBC 10 was going to be, which really started for me in the comments of Dirty South Wine, I was, and still am, all about how a blog is a digital manifestation of the person(s) behind it.   And while I am having a lovefest for Dirty South Wine, read a few posts.   Hardy is so present in his blog, his videos, his everything – he is a Maverick on his own crusade.  Nothing will get in his way, for one reason, there is only one Hardy and one vision.   There are a few other people that do this, that see their own vision and live it, and they have  lots of people that like to live this crusade vicariously.   That is my point and what I want to touch upon in our Top  Gun Panel at WBC10.  Being a Maverick – a leader of your own community, a person that is approachable and inspiring.     The kind of person people want to be around.


1. someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action
2. an unbranded range animal (especially a stray calf); belongs to the first person who puts a brand on it

Re-read #2 again, it’s damn near perfect for the wine world!  And I am going to celebrate the pun on BRAND!.  I will also bring up points on how all of this: the blog, the vision, the day-to-day interactions, all culminate into your personal brand!

…To Be Continued

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