Zeitgesist & T.G.B. – 4 days to #WBC10

What will you learn from #WBC10?

Man!!!  I can not tell you how much of a tizzy I am in, in anticipation of WBC10.  Sadly to say, this “family re-union” of bloggers, tweeters, sippers, guzzlers, and tweakers , is probably more exciting than perhaps a real family reunion.  Maybe that’s cause I’ll be in the company of many great wine drinkers and comrades that have been “in the trenches” with me IRL or virtually all year.

Did you say you wanted chardonnay?

I have been watching the #WBC10 Hashtag on twitter and am being kept well-aware of who’s on a plane, who’s on the double-decker, and who like me just can not wait to be there as well.   Amongst all of this chatter have come a few “interesting” comments, videos, and blogs about the WBC10 and what the state of the state for bloggers is going to be?    And as I have been  writing my presentation for our Top Gun Blogging panel on Sunday – I find myself constantly rotating ideas and shifting  importance of what to speak about.  This constant shift is a reaction to the very fluid  Zeitgesit of WBC2010.  What is going on in wine blogging and social media?  Well to know the status, you need to listen for the on-going Chorus coming from the many voices of  bloggers, wineries, and marketing firms.  This chorus will change with every tweet and post, and we’ll all hear a different tune.   And it is this tune, that I want to identify the rhythm of and illuminate it for all who are joining as listeners or singers.

So what is the tune I am hearing and what am I seeing as a topic of importance and inspiration for our panel attendees?   Well,  I have seen a few posts and this post (about who is “big” or more influential at WBC10 and what does that mean to you as an attendee) got my wheels spinning with no firm conclusion.  I have also been corresponding with my co-panelists about our topics and seeing reactions to their posts and our general thoughts.   These influences plus the #WBC10 column is giving me a full chorus, and one thing is certain the playing field is a tabula rasa.  I am not sure what to bet on, but I am willing to bet that we can anticipate a hell of a conference.  Great people.  Great Wines.  And an IRL and real-time expose of what is the wine 2.0 zeigesit.

The weekend will be fast & furious.  Game-changing dynamics will be in full force.  Meeting lots of incredible people will be the standard.  And I will be excited to quell my  anticipation and excitement that has been mounting since last year.

This video will give you a solid understating of what to expect at our Top Gun Blogging panel and don’t worry if you don’t get it – you will Sunday! (Featuring Joe Herrig http://www.suburbanwino.com/ & Ben Simons (http://www.vinotology.com ) & Me (Andrew Lazorchak)

History For The Future –  One year ago at#WBC09

This time last year,  I probably had 110+/- twitter followers, and Vineyard Vlog was 3 months old.    I was  fresh to social media and blogging, but somehow I was able to get a foothold.    I did however have one feather in my cap,  I knew a few bloggers.  I got to know a few bloggers from my correspondence with them about my day job – Soiree.  This interaction with bloggers was easy, straightforward, and was always exciting.  But  this experience in getting to know bloggers, working in the trade, marketing Soiree, and just starting a vlog gave me good insight to wine 2.0.  Insight, that I realized not many people had.

I realized my infantile experience was already leaps and bounds ahead of the common wine trade person.  On Saturday last year there was a Q&A and a winery employee asked, “How do we reach-out to bloggers?”  It became very clear that this whole interaction of wineries, bloggers,and PR firms was uncharted territory for most.  So much that there is a panel that will be discussing that this year.  I welcome you to visit my re-cap from WBC09 – Day 2.   At that time,  Hardy Wallace was not officially with Murphy Goode.  Rick Bakas just soft-started for St Supery, FourSquare did not exist, and I decided it was time to engage and not just poke in from the outside.

The playing field was and still is far from being defined, which is the other amazing opportunity in front of all of us (marketers, social media-mongers, and bloggers alike).   We should all be thankful for the crappy economy in 2009, because if the economy had been like it was  in 1999 the marketing budgets and emphasis to compete on all levels would have blown the social media bubble in record time.


The reality is that wineries have had hoover pockets and the last thing they need is SocialMedia to put food on the table.     But then again, there was something great that happened in the last 12 months, and that was:  nothing.

Historically, recessions are great for academia.   People are unemployed or don’t see pay-raises in the works, so they go back to school.   Likewise, people stay at home more, blog more, tweet more, read more, drink more, and experiment with business ideas and opportunities.

This lull in the industry is something we should all be thankful for.   We have an abundance of latent effort that is mounting and very potent.  It is this moment in time that communication, tech, and inter-connectivity are getting ready to sprout.  Journalism, branding, and marketing will forever mutate to our chorus, and we are at the core of it all.

Now, more than ever, you need to know your inner-maverick and need to understand the mutating playing field that we are all pioneering – some better than others.

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