Viader- St Helena, Napa Valley, 5-26-09

Viader gave us an awesome tour & there was a lot to see!

One thing to note when you see a longer video from Vineyard Vlog, that means that the host spent a lot of time with us and gave us a great tour.  I apologize if the video is long, but know I actually left out some footage of the vines, cave, and wine making equipment. (to be posted later)

Viader is  beautiful.    Their vineyard is high above Napa Valley in St Helena, off of Deer Park rd.  Viader makes great wines and has 2 labels to try (6+ wines).  They also allow you to book catered tastings (lunch, dinner, or sunset appetizers).  For these tastings they have a chef that pairs the meals for you and a beautiful tasting room and patio where you will enjoy them.  They also have an enormous wine cave where they do their production and storage, which I can not guarantee you will be able to visit.  But this is a unique tasting room accompanied by great wines, people, and views.

You need to make a reservation, and I am sure you will be glad you did.

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