Taylor’s Refresher (Half Bottle Party) 6/3/09

This was a special treat and is the kind of thing you to need to be “in the know” in order to show-up (and it is assumed that you are in the trade)  although there were a few fans and friends attending, but they still brought their own bottles to share.

What you will see is that there was a TON of wine at this event and overall it was a great casual event for people to show-off their wine and taste other peoples wine.  We saw some unlabeled wines that came straight from the barrel, a 1980 late harvest Zin, and the spectrum of wines from all ends of the Valley.  It was a fun time and I am sure some of you out there will get a tickle by seeing some of the labels strewn about the table and underneath it!

Joe from GoVino supplied some of his handy glasses for people to take, andone of the vineyards was also distributing glasses to use (it might have been Cakebread)

Hope you enjoy this glimpse into a very unique event.

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